Chris McNair

Film and TV 2016-2018


Week 37

Year 2 – Term 1: Portfolio Downloads


Draft 9

Draft 8

Draft 7

Draft 6

Draft 5

Draft 4

Draft 3

Draft 2

Draft 1


Year 2 – Week 10: Feedback and Reflection

This week has been interesting. I think the main reason for this is because I get to research my favorite films. It is also interesting to combine different scenes/films/TV shows and make something new.

Year 2 – Week 10: Copy Transform and Combine (Alternate Realities)

We have been looking at how everything that happens in films are not original. Ideas are influenced by other films and TV shows as well as our life experiences. By building on this idea I am going to discuss my favorite life experiences films and TV shows. Continue reading “Year 2 – Week 10: Copy Transform and Combine (Alternate Realities)”

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