Chris McNair

Film and TV 2016-2018


Week 24

Portfolio Master Copy

Click here to go to my finished project portfolio.

Or click here if you would like to download it as a word document


Term 3 – Week 4: Reflection


This week we have been conducting secondary research into our extended project. I have been focusing mainly on researching voiceovers as that is the area in which I am least knowledgeable about. Continue reading “Term 3 – Week 4: Reflection”

Term 3 – Week 4: 2.1 ~ Extended Project

This week I will be researching existing media products practice and ideas. In particular research on short films and films that use voiceovers in the same way in order to get inspiration. Continue reading “Term 3 – Week 4: 2.1 ~ Extended Project”

Term 3 – Week 3: Reflection and Formative Feedback


This week we have been doing a range of things but mainly focusing on the industry and how it works. I think that it is very important to understand the industry you are going into. Continue reading “Term 3 – Week 3: Reflection and Formative Feedback”

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