Chris McNair

Film and TV 2016-2018


Induction Week

Year 2 – Term 2: Portfolio

Click here to download draft 1

My work for week 2 is on my computer and I am having difficulty uploading it. I will sort it out ASAP. I will sort out the titles tomorrow. Also Jenni if you are reading this I would like to raise an issue. Since we have joined with East Kent tons of stuff has been blocked at college. This makes it incredible difficult to do my work. I noticed it especially with YouTube videos being blocked. For example I wanted to embed my last short film as an example of how I used a particular transition but college blocked my video so I couldn’t find it. It gets particularly annoying in research weeks.


Induction Week

Chris’ Canterbury College Collage

I have made a collage which represents me. It includes my hobbies and interests, my skills and my personality traits. Some of these pictures are meant to symbolise a deeper meaning and some of them are self-explanatory. Continue reading “Induction Week”

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