This week we have been focusing on the pre-production documentation. This helps to be able to plan the practicality’s of my project.


As this is a student production the equipment will be provided by the college but its good practice to work out the budget of the film.


I have gone with the Canon EOS 100D as it is a good value camera that records 1080p which is what I will want to be recording in. It costs £20 to hire per day excluding VAT and £24 including VAT (as of 13/05/2017). I will use it for 5 days so that comes to £120 (as of 13/05/2017).

Capture dslr


I have found a tripod for £3.76 plus £2.14 shipping. So for £5.90, I can get the tripod. It has been reduced from £12.73 + Shipping in an offer that lasts 7 hours.

Capture tri


I found a LED light for £8.40 a day including VAT (as of 13/05/2017). To do standard 3 point lighting I would require 3 of these for 5 days. I will also need tripods to hold them up so I will get 4 of the tripods above. So overall it would be £143.70

Capture led

I could substitute the fill light for a reflector which would bring the cost down a bit. I found a reflector for £3.90 which would also mean I would only need 3 tripods which would bring the cost of lighting down to £99.70. By using a reflector I would save £44.

Capture reflector]


I have found a good quality shotgun microphone for £4.80 a day including VAT (as of 13/05/2017) So it will be £24 for 5 days (as of 13/05/2017).

Capture mic


I have found a computer with 8GB of RAM which is the minimum requirement to run Avid Media Composer for £125.40 including VAT (as of 13/05/2017).

Capture comp


Windows Movie Maker is a free software that does everything that I need it to do.

Capture win mov

The software I am most familiar with and the one at college is Avid Media Composer which can also do an awful lot more than Windows Movie Maker. This is a more expensive option costing £49.99 a month for the most basic version of it. You can’t get it for just a week so I will have to go with the month.

Capture avid

A cheaper option that I used to use is Filmora. Filmora costs £31.03 for a year (as of 13/05/2017). You can’t purchase it for any less time than a year. There is a free version but you are forced to have a large watermark on your end result.

Capture filmora


As of 13/05/2017 minimum wage for an adult is £6.70 per hour. So in the unlikely event that you could hire actors for minimum wage then I would need the target all week and the assassin for a day. So using the average working hours of 5-9 I would have to pay the target £268 for 5 days and I would have to pay the assassin for doing 1 scene and the voiceover £53.60 for a day. So overall the actors would cost £321.60


I would also have to get food for me and the other 2 actors. I would want a pre-made meal so it would cut down on the wasted time as I wouldn’t have to make one. So something like a pizza delivery. The cheapest pizza delivery to my house costs £4.99 from hungryhouse. So assuming that I will be able to find food delivery for this price each day and I would have to feed 2 people for 4 days and 3 for the 5th then food would cost £54.89.

Capture pizza


Using the bare minimum and the cheapest items available my budget would be £751.49. That’s paying actors minimum wage, buying the cheapest pizza takeaway and using free editing software with the cheapest lights, camera, microphone and tripod. If I wanted better equipment etc then it would cost more but it would be possible to make my extended project without borrowing anything from college for £751.49. It wouldn’t necessarily be the desired quality though. If we set the budget at £1000 then I would be able to use Avid Media Composer and get slightly better equipment and food.

Click here to download my budget document

Health and Safety (Risk Assessment)

I have filled out a health and safety document in order to highlight potential risks and what actions I have put in place to prevent them.

Click here to download my health and safety document

Location Recce

I have visited the locations I will be filming in and filled out location recce sheets for each location.

Click Here to download the location recce sheet for my house

Click Here to download the location recce sheet for my drive

Production Schedule – Gantt Chart

Click here to download the production schedule chart

Call Sheets

I have filled in call sheets in order to organise times and places with the crew. These are copy’s of the actual call sheets but these don’t have addresses, phone numbers etc. for privacy’s sake.

Click here to download Monday 29th May 2017 call sheet

Click here to download Tuesday 30th May 2017 call sheet

Click here to download Wednesday 31st May 2017 call sheet

Click here to download Thursday 1st June 2017 call sheet

Click here to download Friday 2nd June 2017 call sheet

Release Forms

Image (43)


This is the dialog for the actors characters including notes about what is happening on screen at the time of the dialogue

Click here to download the script

Shooting Script

This is a list of notes on each scene like clothing. It is in order of shooting. I have decided to shoot them in a different order to the sequence they will be in the end because of different things such as

Click here to download my shooting script


The storyboard determines the structure of the narrative and how it will be shot. This is arguably the most important bit of pre-production paperwork.


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Project Proposal

Although I did put my project proposal in my “Term 3 – Week 2…” blog I will mention it again as it is a part of the pre-production paperwork. I edited my project proposal a lot in order to get to my final one as you can see below.

Click here to download my final project proposal

Click here if you want to download my pre-edited project proposal

My Idea Pitch

I was asked to do a presentation on my idea including specific things such as target audience and character age. This is my presentation.

Overall Conclusion

Now I have done all the pre-production paperwork I am now set to progress into the production stage of my project. The paperwork will help me with this stage, especially the storyboard and script. I will base my project on the pre-production paperwork and although there is room to improvise I will mostly keep to the script and storyboard. In my opinion, one of the best scenes in Fast and Furious 7 (2015) was thought of by James Wan (director) while filming (production stage) and it worked really well.