This week we have been planning and developing three ideas for our extended project. We will make one of our ideas and submit it at the end of the term. We have to present the three ideas in a PowerPoint presentation.

Idea 1


Using a misleading voice-over to use the audience’s expectations to add a clever twist on the end.


So it starts out with a guy waking up, and he has a routine that he follows every morning. The key is, you never see this guy talk, he just goes about his normal routine that he does every morning.

The voice over sets in and starts saying ” I am Samuel Johnson, and I am the best assassin in the world. I study my targets meticulously (reading the paper), and take the best care of myself (brushing his teeth or something) and I am always thinking one step ahead. Then the guy walks out the front door of his house, on his way to his car for work. He drives to work and the voice over carrying’s on throughout work. He then leaves work and gets shot. Then the camera shifts to somewhere else in the bushes and shows a guy all in black with a sniper rifle, and the voice over says “and I never miss my targets”.

The whole time you would be thinking that the guy getting ready is the sniper, getting ready to go and get his target, but then in the last scene, you realise he is the target.


As I don’t have access to a gun there are a few ways I can do the scene with the gun

Way 1: I use a Nerf gun. Picture of my nerf gun –>Image result for nerf gun

Way 2: I hire a gun prop and get permissions from landowners and contact the police



Way 3: I use other peoples footage and edit it into the video

Image result for video

Way 4: I use a laser pointer and gun sounds to create the effect of him being shot without using a gun.

Image result for sherlock holmes sniper dotsImage result for sherlock holmes sniper dotsImage result for laser pointer

I have eliminated way 2 as it is expensive and difficult to get permissions.

Idea 2


Idea 2 is about a chess game. It’s about continuous cut scenes of a chess game and how it relates to life. For example, there could be a piece protecting another piece. This could either be something like a mother protecting a baby or something else. This idea will probably be quite difficult to pull off.


Chess moves that could relate to life:

A piece protecting another piece

A piece being taken

A piece sacrificing itself

A piece hiding behind another piece

A fork


Idea 3


idea 3 is following a person around for a day and seeing the choices they are faced with and an angel and a devil on shoulder type of thing.


I will be using a green screen in this one in order to put a devil and angel on their shoulders.

Idea 4


I find someone who does something extreme like freerunning and I interview them or if I can’t get hold of someone then I can do a fake interview like in the style of the video below (excuse the bad language but you get the general idea).


I know someone who is top of her profession of skydiving. She has represented England in international championships. I am thinking of making a short documentary including interviews and on-site footage and in-sky-footage. I will conduct 3 different interviews. The first one of her talking in a room to the camera and talking about skydiving. Then another one just before she is about to go up for a jump and then another one when she lands after the jump. I will combine cut scenes of footage that she has alongside the footage I take from the ground. This will be used in the first interview.

My estimated running time of the end result is about 4 minutes.

In order to prepare, I will look at short documentaries which are a similar length to the one I am planning on making. I will also look at ways cut scenes are used within documentaries.

My target audience is people who enjoy sky diving or who want to find out what skydiving is like or people who enjoy documentaries. The target age range is very broad I would say about 7+ as if your under that age you most likely either won’t understand it or get board of it.

The genre is mainly informative but also entertaining.

Idea 5


Find clips from various scenes from famous films and edit them together to make something completely different with a different meaning altogether than the intended meaning was.


Phase 1 Initial Ideas

I will find films the have a very clear genre and change the to the opposite genre, for example, James bond going food shopping. This could be quite comical as there should be a height contrast between the initial genre and the new genre.

list of genres that contrast:

Action – drama (fairly normal things)

sci-fi – historic

horror – comedy


I defiantly think that the best 2 are action and drama or normal situations. Deadpool (2016) pulled off action situations with normal dialogue to create a comedic effect. It works because it is a really serious situation and then it has regular dialogue as if you were talking casually with a friend and the contrast creates confusion and can seem ridiculous making it funny.

list of popular serious action films:

Logan + the Xmen films

The James Bond Films

The Captain America films

The Batman films

The Bourne films

The Sherlock Holmes films

Possibly mission Impossible

Possibly the Iron Man films


Idea 6


There was a genetically engineered virus that would eventually wipe out the world and it is a short film showing the effect it would have on a survivor of this. This could be any apocalyptic station like a nuclear war or a zombie apocalypse.


Phase 1 – Possible Ideas

He would probably be confined to his house in order to prevent infection. It could be him listening to the radio to find out what was happening. He might turn on the TV to find there was nothing on. He might then try to access the internet but find he cant or try to phone someone. He could run out of supply such as food or water and have to leave the safety of the house to get supplies.

Idea 7


I write my number with instructions to call on a £5 note and then every-time someone rang me I’d ask for a photo, an explanation of where they got it and what they spent/are spending it on.
I then run it for about a month. It could work.


I think this would be the least practical of the ideas as it would be expensive to do and I cant guarantee that I will get good responses if any.

Idea 8


Using a comedic affect on a serious problem. For example, a couple not talking anymore.


A man, clearly miserable, is explaining to his colleague/s that he and wife are not speaking to one another and that all they do to communicate is leave each other little notes. After commiserating with him his friend/s suggest a meet up the following day, to which he agrees.
Back at home and clearly the worse for wear, he finds his wife reading and watching TV clearly not in the talking mood. There are notes everywhere for him such as `so and so called’ and `your dinners in the oven’ etc.
When it is time for bed he thrusts a note into his wife’s hands which says `I have an appointment at 6 am. Please wake me at 5!’
Tired, he sets his alarm and sleeps the sleep of the dead. He wakes up very sleepy and suddenly swings his legs out of bed, wiping his eyes he grabs the alarm clock which tells him its 9 am. He stands up in a rage and as he grabs his dressing gown a piece of paper falls to the floor. It is a note from his wife which reads `Wake up! It’s 5 am.’


At first I found it difficult to come up with ideas but with a bit or research and time I suddenly I came up with a lot more than I needed. I was suppose to come up with 3 ideas and I came up with 8. I think the best 3 ideas are idea 1, 4 and 5. I have to choose 1 idea to use in my project so I chose idea 1 as it is a balance between practicality and the time limit I have been given.

Click here to download my project proposal



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