This week we have been set 2 tasks. We have been set the task of creating a mind map and a timeline. The timeline is about the skills I have learned throughout the college year and the mind map is titled “Who am I?” and the task is pretty self explanatory from the title. We were given 5 category’s of: experiences, values and beliefs, inspirations, background and influences. Doing the college timeline was really interesting as looking at where I was at the start of the college year I was quite amazed at how far my skills base has come since then. I found it difficult to narrow down all the aspects about me to a single page.

Social Media Report

I posted this on my Facebook page

Capture 2

And this is the feedback that I got

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Overall it seems like it got good feedback especially on my mind map. I can see why some people wont understand terms such as Foley and in order to help people understand I could add a short description after technical words or I could put a glossary at the bottom and make the technical words bold. Another idea is to do what Wikipedia does in terms of adding a link to a words linking to a page explaining the technical words so if you don’t know a technical word you can click on it and find out what it means. I could use that technique to link back to previous blogs in which I have talked about such words.