This week we have been learning about the pre-production of visuals. I have rely enjoyed this week as I have found it very interesting. Although it interests me how much audio can change a film I prefer learning about visuals because my brain tends to work in a very visual way. I am a visual learner so I find it more interesting to watch a film with good visuals rather than good audio.

Feedback – John Petley – social media report

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Capture 2

And this is the feedback that I got


I  didn’t notice the short shot length until it was pointed out but now that I watch it again looking out for it I can now see how the viewer can get disorientated with too many shots in a short space of time. The body holding the phone worked because the viewers had time to associate the clothing to the actor but in a different situation where the body shot came near the beginning I can see that it might not of worked as the audience wouldn’t know who it was as they wouldn’t of had time to associate the face to the cloths. I agree that the end was not so good. personally I thought the last 2 shots didn’t flow especially regarding the transition between them. using a gimbal or a Steadicam would of improved the shakiness at the end. I tried to stabalise it in avid but id didn’t work as it was a moving shot. I put a fade transition between the last 2 shots and although I still don’t like that transition between shots I think the fade transition improves it. I think the problem between the last 2 shots is that the camera was orbiting right around the subject and then it started orbiting left around the subject. The way it should of been done is the orbit should of come to a gental stop until it was a static shot and then transitioned but as it went from a moving shot to a moving shot it disorientated the viewer because the suddenly changed direction. I think the fade helps to ease that sudden change of direction but I still don’t think it works.