We have been learning about audio this week and how to record narrative. This week especially interested me as I have never thought about microphone placement much before. This week reminded me a lot about the lighting week. The reason for this is that although lighting and sound are very different some of the principles are very similar. For example both microphones and lights are placed outside the camera shot and both still influence what is going on in front of the camera. Microphone placement can be used to change the atmosphere of the scene like lighting does, for example, whether ambient background noise is included and how loud it is. The practical tasks really demonstrated to me how to use microphones and how different microphones are best depending on the situation.

Feedback – Brandon Virtue

“I like the way you have used different sized headings to show the significance of each heading”

“I like how the paragraphs are laid out as it makes it easy to read”

“I think it is clear what is what as the titles signify very clearly what you are reading”

“I also like the interviews”