We have been learning about terrorism in the UK this week and how to prevent it. According to ltai.info “Prevent is safeguarding children and adults and providing early intervention to protect and divert people away from being drawn into terrorist activity”. We learnt that if someone’s behavior changes in a way in which they start forcing their views on other people it should be reported. This could be to a teacher or a parent who will then look into it. Although terrorism rates are a lot lower that they used to be more people are able to be reached by them. With the internet terrorists can recruit people from all across the world to join up with them. This is why everyone is so concerned about terrorism recently because it is a lot harder to pinpoint a particular terrorist group as they are scattered around the world. Terrorists used to have to have to talk to people in order to get them to join, which meant that terrorist groups were generally around one place. Nowadays a terrorist can try and persuade you to join from your own house via the internet whereas you would have been a lot less likely to come into contact with a terrorist as they would have to physically meet you.