This week we have been doing about sound and its importance. We had some first-hand experience at operating different types of microphones and seeing how they work. I felt that by doing the practical task we have used trial and error to learn. It makes you realise that you don’t always need visuals to tell a story. It also is a very powerful tool to be able to create an image in someone’s head without the actually seeing anything. The most surprising thing I found out is how much can be shown through just sound. We watched a short clip in class that showed a medium close up of someone wearing headphones and on his laptop. At first we could hear muffled voices arguing so I pictured parents arguing outside the door of his bedroom. We then heard this whooshing sound which showed that the environment had changed. We then heard cutlery and you could instantly tell that they were eating. People kept on talking to him and he kept ignoring them. This clip showed me the potential of sound to create an environment.

I posted this on Facebook page and asked for feedback


And here’s what I got


This is good feedback and makes me more confident in using sound because obviously what I was doing was going well.

I also got this feedback


I agree that the splash was a quiet sound and I did have to increase the sound in Avid. I realise that the splash would of been a lot louder as the troll is large and heavy therefore the sound would of been a lot louder.