This week we have been going into depth about camera movement and story boards. although I learned some interesting things the most helpful part was learning that you can’t cut from a panning shot to a static shot and learning that every camera movement has a beginning middle and end. Although we ran into some problems while filming it was interesting learning about the camera slider and the Steadicam.

Peer Feedback

I posted the blog on my Facebook page and asked for feedback


This is what I got


Listening back to it I agree that the music didn’t really go with the expression on the actresses face. Using this feedback I will see if I can change the music to go better with the visuals. In future I will make sure to listen to the music properly before putting it in. The teleports were an intentional jump cut as I thought it took to long for the actress to walk down the corridor and it would of got boring. It might have looked unintentional and a bit random. Next time I will make sure I am sure I am using a jump cut in the right place and that it is picked up by the viewers as an intentional cut. After looking at the jump cuts I realised that I could of done it better. The way I done it was so there was 3 jump cuts. I realised that all 3 weren’t the same lengths and the gap between each cut varied. In order to make it look intentional next time I will make sure there is the same amount of time between each jump cut and I will also make sure each jump cut is the same length. I also noticed the fact that the camera was moving made it also look unintentional and unprofessional. This movement happened due to the camera being on a slider. A way to make sure the camera is static so the jump cut doesn’t teleport the camera is to of done the camera slider shot then done a cut to a tripod shot and then done the jump cuts

Brandon Virtue also gave me some feedback. Here is what he said.

“Before I even start reading it I like the layout”

“I like the jump cuts you did in your clip and I also like the way you have incorporated multiple camera movements together like how you used the track slider and done a pan at the same time”

“I like that you have found a clip that demonstrates the use of camera movement” – talking about Amelie

“In future, it would be good if you explained things a bit better by going into more detail about it”