This week we have been researching social media and how it can be used. I have noticed that in order for a social media platform to take off, it has to offer something new that other social media platforms don’t offer, or don’t do as well. I also found out about the origins of these social media sites and some started out completely different to how they ended up today, for example, YouTube. Out of all of the social media sites, I enjoyed researching YouTube the most. This it mainly because it has the most interesting history and it is by far my favorite social media network. If something goes “viral” on social media then it can get millions of views in just one day (“PSY – GENTLEMAN M/V” is currently holding the YouTube record with 38 million views in just 24 hours). What I find most interesting about social media is that it travels around the world. It makes the world seem very small when you can talk and share pictures with someone the opposite side of the world with just your phone.