I am going to look into some social media platform, in particular, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the less well known Ask.fm. I am going to talk about the strengths and weaknesses and the history behind them.


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Summary Facebook is the most recognised social media site worldwide with 5 accounts created per second! It is the most engaged social media network with Instagram coming in at second. Facebook is Very important for promoting your business, in 2012, 42% of marketers said that Facebook is critical/important for their business. Facebook servers store 300 Petabytes of user data. That’s equivalent to 6x all the written works of mankind in every language of recorded history. For 50% of 18-24-year-olds, Facebook is the first thing they do after waking up.

History Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in February 2004 or “The Facebook” as he called it then. Zuckerberg was a programmer at Harvard University and he had made a number of social network platforms for the students to use in the university. “The Facebook” was such a success that within just 24 hours 1,200 Harvard students had signed up to the site. It was such a success that Zuckerberg decided to expand the site to other Universities in Boston. When it got to the point where he had let all US university’s access the site he then bought the “facebook.com” domain in august 2005 for £163,091.56. It became available to US secondary schools in September. a year later it was available to anyone with an email address. It was at this stage that it moved away from educational purposes. Although approached by Google and Yahoo Mark wouldn’t sell Facebook. In 2007 celebrity’s like Orlando Bloom and Jimmy Wales (the founder of Wikipedia) signed up for a Facebook account.

Specialities: Facebook doesn’t particularly specialise in anything in particular. It can do most of what other social media platforms can do but just not as well. Most social media platforms focus on one aspect, like photos and make the photo experience the best. Facebook, however, doesn’t do this and just has lots of small things put together into one big thing.

Strengths: Facebook has a lot of strengths but I think the main strengths are comments sharing and pages. I think pages are really good because it allows you to use Facebook to advertise your business updates. For example, if someone was to like your business page they would get notifications on their news feed. It also means that if you are a celebrity you don’t have to keep on accepting friend requests in order for your fans to see your updates.

Weaknesses: Facebook ads continue to annoy people. They appear in your news feed. Facebook also sells on your information to other company’s which might make some people feel violated. There are 83 million fake profiles on Facebook.


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Summary: Instagram is considered the best social media platform for photos with over 400 million active users. This media platform has to be my favourite and I’m sure a lot of people would agree, seeming as 30% of all internet users has a profile on Instagram. Selena Gomez Is the most followed account with over 69 million followers.

History: Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on October 6th, 2010. Instagram quickly grew and hit 1 million users in December. By august 2011 It reached its 150 millionth photo upload. Instagram then preceded to add 4 new filters Amaro, Rise Hudson and Valencia. Soon after it hit 10 million users. On April 3rd, 2012 Instagram was available on android phones and soon after of the 9th Facebook bought Instagram for £815,301,580. With Facebook in control, Instagram hit 80 million users in July. In February 2013  They achieved 100 million users. The ability to tag users in photos came in May, followed by the video future in June. With this popular video feature Instagram reached 150 million users in September. They then let users message each other privately on 12th December 2013.

Specialities: Instagram has an editing mode where you can apply filters and change things like the contrast. Instagrams trademark is forcing the user to crop their photos into a  1:1 aspect ratio (square).

Strengths: Instagram has a simplistic look and the design makes it look modern. Instagram also has a direct messaging system.

Weaknesses: Instagram doesn’t really have much weakness. Although this can also be a strength Instagram doesn’t have an algorithm to put the most interacted posts at the top of your feed.


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Summary: YouTube is a video platform with over a billion users worldwide. More than half of the views on YouTube come from mobile devices. Gangnam Style is the most viewed video on YouTube with over 2.7 billion views (https://goo.gl/LoetL). In 2015 400 hours of videos were uploaded every minute. “Minecraft” is the most searched thing on YouTube. YouTube mobile users spend an average of 40 minutes on YouTube after they open the app. This doubles the average time that people spend on Facebook per session. Most people don’t know that if you press an arrow key when on a desktop while a video on YouTube is loading you can play a game of snake.

History: YouTube was founded by 3 former PayPal employees at a dinner party in San Francisco. It wasn’t originally called YouTube, though. It used to be a dating site called “Tune In, Hook Up”. After a wardrobe malfunction at halftime, in the super bowl 2004, courtesy of  Janet Jackson, the founders of YouTube realised they couldn’t find the video easily online. On valentines day 2005 they realised the first version of YouTube. On the 23rd of April 2005, the first public video was posted on YouTube named “Me at the zoo” (https://goo.gl/gQVsB). It is of someone by the name of Jawed Karim standing in front of some elephants at a zoo. The first video to hit 1 million views was a Nike promo video of Ronaldinho (https://goo.gl/VWUzxK) doing skills with a football. In 2006 Google bought YouTube for £1.34 billion. In 2007 They introduced the YouTube partner program and adverts. This meant that people were getting famous on YouTube. YouTube also paid the creators a percentage of the ad revenue they receive. This money motivated people to make high-quality content. It also meant that people could become “YouTubers” and it became a job. This allowed content creators to put more time into creating content for YouTube as they wouldn’t have another job.

Specialities: YouTube has a recommended algorithm that uses your YouTube watch history to calculate what you want to watch. This takes lots of other things into account like the view count, the like to dislike ratio, how fast the video is obtaining views, and a number of comments and the genre of the videos.

Strengths: YouTube is considered the default site for uploading appropriate videos this is helped by the fact that the most used search engine Google owns YouTube so they can make YouTube videos appear nearer the top of their search results. YouTube also has a live streaming function letting users view the video in real time.

Weaknesses: YouTube has a subscribe function that used to work but no longer really works. It used to be that if you click the subscribe button and that YouTube channel uploaded a video it would appear on your home screen. But no longer. Now the home screen is the recommended videos and in order to get to your subscribers, you have to click on a button. That’s why you might come across channels with lots of subscribers but not many views on each video like “PewDiePie” who is the most subscribed to channel on YouTube with over 50 million subscribers but sometimes only get 2 million views.


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Summary: Ask.fm is not that well known. It is owned by Ask.com and is a platform that lets you ask questions to strangers. You can choose if you want your question to be anonymous or not. 50% of its users are under 18 and there are an impressive 25 billion answers on the platform. Ask.fm has users in 150 country’s and is available in 49 different languages.

History: Mark Terebin and Ilya Terebin founded Ask.fm in 2010. Ask.com then purchased the site in august 2014 with the intentions of making the site safer. They managed to launch a Safety Advisory Board and a Safety Center which allowed you to get advice from parents, teachers and law enforcement officers.They then started a campaign called #nobullies in order to crack down on bullying.

Specialities: Ask.fm is not like most social networks in the sense that there isn’t an anonymous option on sites such as Facebook. This function is what attracts most of the users to the site.

Strengths: If you have a personal question and you are too embarrassed to ask it and you can’t find the answer anywhere else on the web then you can anonymously ask it on ask.fm. Ask.fm is easy to connect to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It lets you share answered questions among the other social media platforms. It is useful if you have a very specific question and can’t find it anywhere on the web

Weaknesses: As the questions and answers are unmonitored and anonymous using ask.fm can be devastating as there is a lot of potential for cyber bullying. Ask.fm has been linked to numerous suicides. So use it at your own risk. If you select the option to be anonymous there are ways to figure out who you are with sites like askfmtrackerapp.com. In order to prevent this make 2 accounts, one with your personal info on and one with a fake name and fake details. Then log into your anonymous account when you want to ask an anonymous question. You can also use a VPN for more security.

Social Media

I have created two social media accounts in which I will upload work to and link it to the blog. I have made a Facebook page and an Instagram account. My Facebook page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisMcNairProductions/ and my Instagram account can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/chrismcnairfilmandtv16/ . This demonstrates how social media can be used to increase your business or equivalent.


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