What I want to find out

I am going to find out about editing; in particular, I am going to focus on the software and techniques used in the industry.

How am I going to find it out?

I have found a range of reliable sources







What I found out


I decided to find out about the history of Avid as it is currently to go to software for Hollywood editors. Avid Technology Inc. was founded in 1987 by William Warner. The software was originally designed on an Apollo computer. In 1988 Avid Technology Inc. and Apple Computer Inc. became informal partners and Avid started being designed for the Mac. Avid launched its Media Composer system in 1989 which revolutionised the post-production process. It was one of the first good nonlinear editing software’s compared to the traditional linier editing. Nonlinear editing software gives you access to each frame of a video clip. This means that things like transitions  and other effects are easy to integrate into your production. Linear editing software lets you arrange video clips without being able to access each frame. To get Avid Media Composer in 1989 it would have cost anywhere between £40,117.79-£64,248.77. Rawley took the title of CEO and President of Avid Technology Inc. from Warner in 1991, although Warner still worked there part time.  By 1992 Avid Media Composer was used by just under 1,000  professional sites. In 1993 Avid made a 6 year partnership with Lucasfilm Ltd. to make a better nonlinear editor.

Famous Editors

Name: Thelma Schoonmaker

Age: 76 (as of 2016)

Born: 3rd January 1940

Description: The three-time Oscar winner Thelma works as an editor for her friend, Martin Scorsese. She has worked on all his films since 1980 and she even directed  Scorsese’s first film, Who’s That knocking at My Door. Originally she couldn’t work in Hollywood because she wasn’t a member of the union. She eventually managed to get in but no one knows how the union was influenced to let her join. Scorsese was the one to introduce Thelma to her future husband, Michael Powell, which she described their relationship as a “blissfully happy union”. They were married from 19th May 1984 – 19th February 1990 before Michael passed away with cancer.

Famous Films:  The Departed, The Wolf of Wall Street and Goodfellas