This week we have been doing a range of things including learning about clapper boards, going into more depth about lighting and researching the research that goes into productions. I have always wondered what clapper boards were used for.

The lighting task made me realise how much lighting effects what a picture of video looks like. just to produce the photos we needed 6 people. We only used 1 light but it required 6 people. It made me realise the scale of people on each film set and how many people are required to do things that the viewer might not be able to pick up on.

Peer reflection – Brandon Virtue – Production Research

  • “The first paragraph was very clear and easy to understand”
  • “I like how you gave good background into your purpose of your project and the reasons for doing it”
  • “I like the screenshots of the behind the scenes clip as it gives more insight into the making of Spectre”
  • “I liked how you found the filming locations in Google maps.”