This week we have been learning about editing and production research. Something that stuck in my head was that 98% of a production is planning. I knew there was a lot of planning involved but I didn’t know there was so much. As a Producer has most of the responsibility for organizing the planning and the crew I have decided that I don’t want to be a Producer. I realized how big a production cast is and that it requires staff I would of otherwise of not thought about like caterers.  I found it quite interesting to find out about how much went into creating just a few minutes. On average they get 1 minute of filming done each day and that is discluding the time that goes into pre production and post production. Reverse analysing a short clip from Spector has made me relise just how much time goes into the planning process.

I liked the editing and would be happy to become an editor. I found it really interesting how an editor could have some clips, and depending on how they arrange them, create a different story each time. I have done a lot of editing before so I picked it up fairly quickly. I have used Vegas pro and Filmora to edit in the past. These programs have been mainly drag and drop so using the keyboard to edit was new to me. Vegas pro and Filmora are easier to use as they have a better GUI (graphical user interface) and is more user friendly compared to Avid, although Avid is a more professional software and has a lot more features and more advanced tools.