Chris McNair

Film and TV 2016-2018

Weeks 1-4: Formative Feedback

One thought on “Weeks 1-4: Formative Feedback

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  1. Jenni B – Formative Feedback, weeks 1-4, Units, 2,3,4
    Well done Chris. This is very good work. You have clearly understood the task for each post, and created submissions which are informative, well illustrated with examples and which demonstrate the hard work that you have put into them. You should be very pleased with your effort. Your Formative Grade is a good pass. I am sure that you would be wanting a higher grade for the summative marking. Just ensure that you carry on doing what you are doing, taking good notes in class so that you have a good understanding of the task, producing and submitting the work on deadline and finally, illustrating each point that you are making with good, relevant examples.


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