180 degree rule

The 180 degree rule is a rule where there is an imaginary line called the line of action. Crossing the line can confuse the viewer. The line of action varies depending on the situation. The line of action is usually the direction the characters are looking in. If the line of action is crossed it can look like the character is talking to themselves, like in The Lord of the Rings clip below. In The Lord of the Rings clip the camera moves across the line of action and back again before cutting back and forth. This makes it less confusing for the viewer as they are warned what is going on.

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I have taken a series of photos using the 180 degree rule about a conversation and a money transaction.

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Shot Reverse Shot

Shot reverse shot is usually used when two actors are having a conversation. The camera will show one actor talking then go to the other actor talking and back again. Because the two actors are facing different directions to the viewer it looks like they are talking to each other. I have taken some shot reverse shots to show how this can be effective and simulate a conversation.

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Over the Shoulder Shot

An over the shoulder (OTS) shot is quite self-explanatory. It is when the camera is filming over someone’s shoulder. This is used to show the audience what the actor is looking at while still reminding the viewer that the actor is there. OTS shots are commonly used in conversations with the shoulder and the back of the head framing the shot.


Match on Action

Match on action is where an action takes place between 2 shots. It helps the film flow and helps to immerse the viewer.

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