This week I have been learning about cameras and narrative. I have learnt how to become a Cameraman and I have found out what a Cinematographer was. I looked at the technical words for different camera movements like dollying and trucking. I can now see how camera movement can have a large effect on the narrative and how it visually draws you in. A narrative is in every film and is very important, as having an interesting narrative can make or break the end feel of a film. The part I found most interesting was the camera techniques and rules. The, over the shoulder shot, is used in most films as it is a very good way of engaging with a conversation without always seeing the side of their faces. Most films keep to the 180 degree rule otherwise, it confuses the viewers. I have learned that to cross the line of action there needs to be a camera movement from one side of the line to the other in order to inform the viewer that you are crossing the line. This can still be confusing but it’s not nearly as confusing without this shot.