This week, I have learned a variety of skills and increased my knowledge. I have especially found film noir interesting as I had not previously heard of the genre and learning about it has prompted me to watch The Maltese Falcon. I have found it interesting to find out how key lighting is and how complicated it can get. I have now found out that when shooting in a regular room most film companies will use additional lighting instead of the lights already in the room. It has helped me notice things I would otherwise overlook, like the direction of the sun on the subject. I have discovered that I am not keen to become a Lighting Engineer as they need to be good with heights which I am not. It seems the more I learn about the complexity of the film industry the more I am noticing and appreciating about my favourite films, especially when it comes to how the actors are lit. I didn’t really pay attention to it before learning about the skill required in order to get good lighting. I have learnt about genre and how even the lighting is based on the genre. I have realised that the genre helps to communicate to the audience what kind of message and content will be within a film.