Semiology is the study of signs and messages. These range from the use of colours to the uses of lighting to create an atmosphere the audience can understand. The director uses semiology to portray a meaning or a message to the audience. I made a table of the feelings and objects I associate with some of the main colours.

Danger Envy Energy Sadness
Love Happy Joy Cold
Fire Go Caution Sea
Passion Freshness Success Calm
Luxury Jealousy Summer Trust
Heat Health Intellect Stability
Anger Nature Happiness Loyalty
Power Wealth Warmth Sky
Blood Greed Youth Relaxed

We watched 9 minutes from the clip from “Skins” in class and we were asked to create our own character to add to the series and this is what I came up with.

JOANEPARK. 2012. SKINS Season.1 Ep.1. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 22 September 2016].

Name: Jeremy White
Age: 18
Car: Beige Ford Fiesta
Clothes: Hoodie and ripped jeans with untidy hair
Description: Jeremy shares a room and a bunk bed with his brother, Sam. They don’t get along because they both fight for control over the space in the small bedroom. Sam likes to keep everything neat and tidy while Jeremy likes the messy style.
Jeremy was diagnosed with cancer 3 months ago and is fighting a losing battle. He has got a list of things he wants to do before he dies and he is slowly crossing them off as he completes them. He is very academically skilled and is the top of his class at most things. He lives with his dad and brother. When he was ten his mum and dad divorced due to his mum getting pregnant with his half-sister. Jeremy quit college 2 months ago in order to achieve his list before it was too late.