A director’s job is to oversee the film’s production and to make sure that it meets the vision they have in their head. They work closely with the producer to make the film. The producer is in charge of the finance and organisation of the facilities needed in order to make the film. Producers usually, do all the preparation before the filming starts, whereas the director gets involved at the start filming. The director will tell the actors where to go and what to do on set. They also tell the lighting team what kind of effect they want to create, using different coloured lighting. Directors tell the camera men what type of shot they are looking for and what angle they want it from. They also oversee the editing and they work with the sound crew to get the sounds they had envisioned. Directors have to have an idea of what they want the end product to look like.

To become a director you need a wide range of skills, like leadership, confidence and passion. Directors have to be decisive, as they are required to make a lot of important decisions. They have to have respect for their employees and treat them well. As a director you are expected to pay attention to every detail in the shot, which is why most of the top directors are perfectionists. Luck is the most important trait a director has to have, as it is very much based on who you meet and who you know. By networking and creating as many contacts as possible, you can increase your chances of becoming a director. Once a director is hired they are expected to have a vision of what the film will look like in the end; having a vision of the end result is what separates a good film from a bad one.

To become a director you have to invest a lot of time, consuming media. Even if you don’t like a certain genre, you can pick up transferable tips and techniques by watching them. Making short films can be a good way of experimenting with different techniques and learning from your mistakes, so you can become better and better. Going to university can be a way to get a higher qualification, in order to stand a greater chance of beating your competition. It can also be a great way to make contacts and increases your chances of bumping into someone looking to employ a director. I have found out some information about my favourite director and what career path he took to get there.

Name: James  Wan

Age: 39 (as of 2016)

Born: 26th February 1977

University: The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

James Wan’s first big public appearance was when he directed Saw in 2004. Although he was working on a low budget of about £2.3 million, he made over £77 million profit. He has directed a lot of popular films since then, like Insidious, The Conjuring and Fast and Furious 7. James Wan is known for his backwards tracking shot which you can see making regular appearances in his films. He went to The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with his friend Leigh Whannell (actor).

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