Chris’ Canterbury College Collage

I have made a collage which represents me. It includes my hobbies and interests, my skills and my personality traits. Some of these pictures are meant to symbolise a deeper meaning and some of them are self-explanatory. I have also included my favourite quotes and sayings.Chris positive 2 (2).png

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – Speech

My favourite scene from a film or TV show

MOVIEnSTUFF. (2011). Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows — Part 2: Neville Longbottom Speech (HD). [Online Video]. 15 November 2011. Available from: [Accessed: 16 September 2016].

In this Harry Potter scene, Neville stands up to Voldemort and delivers a dramatic monologue which triggers a war. Neville is the underdog and gets picked on at Hogwarts because of his muggle background. Despite the rest of the Hogwarts students and staff giving in and despite his chances of winning being slim, he still tried to do the right thing. He was the last person that viewers would have expected to make a stand, even though he was laughed at for his efforts. The atmosphere changes suddenly when everyone realises that Harry is not, in fact, dead. The students and teachers of Hogwarts had given up but Neville inspired them to carry on fighting which resulted in Voldemort’s team retreating. Neville limped forward with blood trickling down his face, his appearance showed weakness and vulnerability to the viewer. This speaks to me because despite the odds not being in Neville’s favour, he still tried to do the right thing. I think the underlying message of the clip is that you shouldn’t judge someone on their appearance and background.

Photo Montage

These are photos of different events and places in my life. They all are significant things that have happened to me ranging from visiting France to performing at the Marlowe Theatre. I selected these pictures from different stages in my life so you can see me growing up. photo montage 2.png